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SkinPen (micro-needling)

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is a transient, nonsurgical, cosmetic micro-needling device for the creation of “micro” skin punctures to improve the appearance of the skin. As the first microneedling device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, SkinPen is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22 and up.

With as few as three non-invasive and affordable treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance for six months after your last treatment – and step out with confidence. SkinPen is an automated micro-needling technology device designed for use by medical professionals. Sterile micro-needle cartridges are provided for single use only. Micro-needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by creating precise, micro injuries in the skin.  Learn about micro-needling for stretch marks.  Book a consultation to discuss our micro-needling services.

What does it treat?

With its ability to trigger the generation of new skin cells, just a few sessions of microneedling will noticeably:

  • reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, and deep wrinkles on the forehead

  • repair visible scars

  • reverse sun damage and pigmentation

  • help aging skin

  • shrink pores

  • help your products work better

What Should I Expect?

One of the most exciting things about micro-needling is that it can be used on all types of skin, on all skin colors. The procedure typically takes 30 minutes. Most SkinPen users apply a topical anesthetic to the skin prior to the procedure. This allows for a relatively pain-free experience. We ensure patient comfort during the micro-needling procedure. 

“I couldn’t believe the results I got from SkinPen. I felt like my results were as good as a laser treatment but without any downtime. I love my SkinPen procedures!”

– SkinPen Patient in Chicago